What type of guy should wear what kind of tie

What type of guy should wear what kind of tie

March 11, 2020

Here are some examples of black ties and how they all speak a different language:

You can have a wardrobe of black ties in your closet and believe it or not, they are all “saying” something very different. The fact that they are black gives an overtone of sophistication but there’s more to it than that.

Worldly yet unfussy.

This cotton blend skinny black tie has lots of texture which automatically reads more casual. The groom or groomsmen wearing this tie are sharp with a touch of preppy. These scholarly gentlemen are attending an afternoon affair or a more laid back, easy-going wedding.

I’m too cool for black.

This linen blend tie is not quite black. This speaks volumes! Why?.. because when you substitute a black tie for a charcoal grey number, you are willing to play with shades of the same color which is VERY sophisticated. Mixing grays, charcoals, and blacks is visually more interesting and the spouse-to-be walking down the aisle to with accessory is part of a very jet-set, posh affair.
Linen Black Tie

Fun as fun gets!

This polka dot silk-blend tie is only going to be worn by a groom and his besties who have spunk. They take fashion earnestly but they are also playful. This bow tie, husband bound wearing guy is walking into a refined evening celebration in a very dapper location but is never taking himself or the event too seriously.
Polka Dot Black Tie

Step aside: We aren’t playing games here!

This silk-blend paisley textured bow tie is for black-tie is probably the very tie that made black tie a thing. This groom and his men are the ultimate in cultivated and will be seen in the grandest of hotels. You can bet on it!

Not a rule follower.

This leather, silver and precious stone accessory is loaded with steeze. This groom has decided that personal style trumps tradition. He and his men are walking down the aisle with cocktails in hand and will most certainly be living it up on the wedding day and every day!


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