PAYS @ppaayyss

Genderless and ageless, this textile brand delights us with innovation, quality, and a next-level COOL factor! The designer acquired this textile factory from his grandfather and gave the design and function of the fabric a whole new modern look and feel. Their mill produces everything from colorful ponchos, throw rugs, pillow covers sweater sets and everything between.

By Molo

UNO MAS UNO MAS @uno.masunomas

Uno más uno más is an emerging Mexican designer featuring artisanal “disruptive jewelry.” Known for their gender-neutral function, they are changing how we look at our self-expression through jewelry.

By Alba Vazquez

Santo Peccado @santopecadojoyeria

This jewelry brand encourages you to find your inner bold, brave, lucky, and proud! Hand beaded necklaces, earrings, and bracelets designed in Mexico by Esmeralda Espinosa who inspires you to be the best version of yourself and then express it through the jewelry you wear.

By Esmeralda Espinoza

Mezcalero @mezcaleroboots

This brand prides itself on offering “stand out from the crowd boots and expressing your unique personality”. No two boots are exactly alike because every boot is 100% handmade. Artisans use the Good year Weltmet hod of construction, which guarantees comfortable, stylish boots you can enjoy for years to come.

Mora @morademoda

Dresses and blouses.

By Mora Ruiz

Jorge Sanchez @jorgesanchezindumentaria

Dresses, pants, tops, and men.

By Jorge Sanchez

Zulia & Huipa @zulia_huipa


By Renata

Regina Castillo @reginalcastilloficial

Rings, necklaces, earrings, and cuffs.

By Regina Castillo

Panuco @PANUCO

Dresses, pants, and tops.

By Miguel Panuco


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