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Fashion Worldwide

At FOUND by C&L, our clients have access to anything and everything. What they are truly searching for is a unique experience, a story behind the pieces they purchase, a feeling and a draw to what they know to be luxurious and special: hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces.

FOUND has access to artists, creatives, and designers who want to
expand their talent. We are the bridge for these under-represented artists found outside of the US. Our goal is to share these products and the overall EXPERIENCE with the US buyer.

Catherine Bachelier and Linda Waisbord both originate from Mexico. FOUND’s focus is to curate an apothecary of designers mainly from Latin America in their first phase of business, later expanding to other countries around the world. Our bi-cultural and bi-national upbringing brought us together through our zeal for fashion and our love for adventure. Now we want to shine a light on the craftsmanship, innovation and artistic creativity found just south of the border.

We create access to different, REAL, and exotic products. These accessories, clothing, and home goods automatically come with a story. A feeling. An aspiration. More importantly, they come with a piece of CULTURE.


A beautiful team strengthened by their Fashion Styling, Marketing, and Luxury expertise.

Catherine Bachelier, Co-founder.

Image & Luxury Consultant. Event Coordinator, Buyer, and Personal Stylist affiliated with Nordstrom.

Linda Waisbord, Co-founder.

Image and Luxury Consultant. Travel Expert, Sales Coach, and Personal Stylist affiliated with Nordstrom.


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