The Forward Experience


We are both stylists, avid travelers and life enthusiasts. The collective passions for our Celebration, Style, and Travel Experiences combine beautifully into one ultimate purpose: to share in all the beauty that can be discovered throughout. By combining our passions, we have discovered our humanity and likeness to every being on Earth.

Our commitment to Forward-thinking and Paying it Forward is deeply important to us. In all our events and business endeavors, we search for a way to give back. It’s the essence of what we do. 

Among other projects, we are proud to have hosted countless free style workshops to empower people from all walks of life. We have the unique ability to donate all the clothing that we receive from our wonderful style clients and offer them to women and men in need.

We invite you to come along with us and experience some of our favorite destinations all while making sure we leave a positive impact on local businesses and communities. The cost of your trip can often feed over 40 people for one whole year in places like India, Mexico and their surrounding countries. 

Equally important to us, is paying it forward in the most direct and impactful way possible. We partner directly with reputable institutions in every country we visit and work closely with them to provide our travel clients with hands-on volunteering experiences coupled with cash donations when appropriate.

Past Workshops

Lutheran Church Domestic Violence 

Bloggers without Borders | SRMD 

Temple Beth Elijahu

Gal Pal Group

Dress for Success | Nordstrom

Lutheran Church Domestic Violence 

"No one has ever become poor from giving." - Anne Frank


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