Catherine Bachelier and Linda Waisbord are the co-founders of The C&L Experience, a California-based wardrobe styling, and fashion promotion business. They are both wardrobe stylists and fashion experts, avid travelers, and life enthusiasts who have learned that their passions blend beautifully into one mission: to encourage and motivate people to look and feel their best. We shop and teach people how to love themselves, learn about the history and culture of clothes, AND to give back.

In 2019, Catherine & Linda embarked upon a major change within their business model which weaves their expertise into a one-stop-shop. With their ¡Si se puede! approach to life, their venture, The C&L Experience came to fruition. 

Catherine and Linda believe the way you look and present yourself is a fundamental reflection of how you see the world, and how you want the world to see you. Style is much more than a fashionable outfit! It’s also fun! We want people to have FUN with fashion, and not take themselves too seriously. 

Catherine and Linda recently created an alliance with Nordstrom Department Store launching FOUND by C&L within their Pop-In Shops. Both women have utilized everything they love about fashion and travel to create a business where they can promote fashion as a whole, and designers from all over the world. It is a chance to show the US clientele the beauty of clothes, shoes, and accessories that are being made worldwide. FOUND’s mission is to offer a platform to these designers giving them the exposure necessary to bridge the gap into the US market. It’s a WIN-WIN!! 

Whether it’s out in the world, or through the purposeful experiences created by FOUND’s Pop-in Shops, these women want life to be discovered by all as a way to help recognize how much more one can give.

Please visit FOUND by C&L for more info.


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