Catherine's Story

Catherine hails originally from Nogales, a small town on the border of Arizona and Mexico. As one of nine children, and born as a triplet, Catherine was destined to carve out her uniqueness and yet, at the same time, be connected very closely to others. It makes sense that Catherine’s career trajectory started, and remains, in the helping of others. With a B.S. degree from the University of Arizona, she spent two years nursing in OB/GYN followed by two years in pediatrics. She enjoyed an additional four years as a project manager for state funded health programs within the nursing, program development and management fields.

Catherine eventually left her beloved field of nursing to be a full-time mother and to pursue her love of events planning, fashion and travel. 

Since 2000, Catherine’s event and styling businesses had grown exponentially. She’d made a mark for herself by adapting to clients’ various needs, maintaining excellent relations with top vendors in Southern California, and contributing to the field with her expertise in print media.

In 2019, Catherine embarked upon a major change within her business model. With her ¡Si se puede! approach to life, Catherine’s venture, C & L Experience with long-time friend, Linda Waisbord, came to fruition. Here, she combines her main interests into an all-encompassing career that weaves her expertise as an author, personal stylist, professional event planner and internationally sought-after travel expert.

A genuine true force of nature, Catherine inspires those around her to reevaluate their self in a positive way. Using a personalized approach to presenting the best version of you, Catherine’s guidance is effective, easily and immediately incorporated, and has a tremendously positive impact both internally and externally.

Catherine is a self published author (more on her book here) and style contributor for fashion and wedding publications and has been featured in top magazines such as Real Simple, Martha Stewart Weddings, Business Insider and Reader’s Digest.

She is currently the Fashion and Style Correspondent for Televisa Tijuana, co-host of the show Tu Moda Tu Estilo, Fashion Contributor to Celebrando Latinas and she also gives Fashion & Style seminars around the world.

Linda's Story

“True style comes from courage and attitude.”

Linda Waisbord is a San Diego native style consultant with over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. She has international expertise helping many different types of customers thanks to her multi-cultural and bilingual roots as a Spanish/English speaker and writer. With a B.S. in Journalism and a Minor in Marketing from San Diego State University, it’s no wonder Linda has been able to combine her passion for fashion along with her degrees to help others discover their best selves and communicate their message to the world. 

As a personal stylist for Nordstrom, she quickly moved up the ranks to become a leader on the team. It was there that her fashion influencer career and Instagram account @stylewais was born. Fellow employees and loyal customers would come looking for her every day to see what she was wearing and ask for fashion advice and ideas. 

Linda believes in the importance of inspiring women every day to experiment and have fun with fashion. With this inspirational attitude she was selected as Modern Luxury's Woman of Style 2020. “True style comes from courage and attitude. All I want is for women to look at me and say: if she can do it, so can I!"

Linda is also a globe-trotter and expert traveler who introduces her clients to culture and style around the world. Her travel business was born out of a passion to show people that perfectly curated, once-in-a-lifetime adventures go hand in hand with giving back and self-discovery. She proves that no matter where you are or where you’ve been there is personal style inspiration and personal growth everywhere and true style comes from within!

Linda is currently the Fashion and Style Correspondent for Televisa Tijuana, host of the show Tu Moda Tu Estilo, and also gives Fashion & Style seminars around the world.