Catherine Bachelier and Linda Waisbord are the co-founders of The C&L Experience, a California-based (and now Miami, Florida!!) event coordinating, wardrobe styling, and travel business. They are both wardrobe stylists and celebration experts, avid travelers and life enthusiasts who have learned that their passions blend beautifully into one mission. In 2019, Catherine & Linda embarked upon a major change within their business model which weaves their expertise into a one-stop-shop. With their ¡Si se puede! approach to life, their venture, The C&L Experience came to fruition. 

Planning your event is an exciting time! Catherine and Linda have been coordinating weddings and soiree’s for almost 20 years. They also believe the way you look and present yourself is a fundamental reflection of how you see the world and how you want the world to see you. Style is much more than a fashionable outfit! Style is poise and confidence. It is a profound reflection of you.

Finally, Catherine and Linda are passionate about travel and believe it can serve as a force for good in our lives and the lives of the people and places we visit. Travel the world with us and realize there is so much to see, learn and give just as much as you get from the adventure. 

The collective passions for our Celebration, Style, and Travel Experiences combine beautifully into one ultimate purpose: to share in all the beauty that can be discovered throughout. By combining our passions, we have discovered our humanity and likeness to every being on Earth.


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