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The C&L Experience is a woman Latina-owned business with over 15 years of experience in the wardrobe styling and travel industries. They are fashion promoters who curate innovative and modern designers from Latin America and around the world and bring them to the US market.

Catherine Bachelier and Linda Waisbord have planned weddings and events for San Diego and the international elite, traveling from Mexico to Monaco for their clientele, bringing their unique taste and polish to each event.

As fashion stylists, they teach fashion empowerment workshops in the US, Mexico and Europe and are expert educators in their field. They are the hosts of their television segment, Tu Moda Tu Estilo, which runs every week on the morning variety show Que Buen Dia and are the official Fashion and Style correspondents for Televisa Californias. As personal stylists for Nordstrom, they have mastered the delicate balance of understanding what the client is drawn to and what enhances their individual style.

As globetrotters and enthusiastic travelers, both discovered it was only natural they share their boutique-style traveling expertise with the world, incorporating it into their business model. 

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