Quarantine Survival Guide

Quarantine Survival Guide

April 13, 2020

We started our morning with coffee, a repeat golf match on tv and some pancakes. Even though things still seem unprecedentedly different in the outside world, there is the perfectly peaceful same-ness on our inside world. In many ways, this re-set is exactly what I needed.

I’ve come up with a list of things to do to help make staying at home during quarantine a little more enjoyable!

“UP & AT ‘EM”.

The best advice I can offer for staying sane during quarantine is the need to keep your schedule as similar as before. For me, getting up and showering and putting on real clothes is the pinnacle. Remember that yoga pants and hoodies ARE real clothes, too. Just make sure you are balancing them with some structural pieces so you don’t look and feel like you’re in pajamas all day every day. For instance: pair your yoga tights with a loose-fitting button-down shirt and add a colorful headband to your hair to add pattern and put on earrings and a necklace to finish off your look. Another example: wear a pair of loose-fitting trousers, a tank top and your hoodie. Add a soft colorful scarf to your neck or a ponytail tie to add a pop of color to your outfit.


After you’re up and ready, have eaten properly, and have dedicated a few hours to your work, it’s now a good idea to hone in on your hobby. This hobby can fill in the hours in-between. Since I’m a visual person, I have re-introduced my love of inspiration boards. See my blog post here. This gets my mind in a creative space and my body in a tactical phase. A few other ideas: start a puzzle, order an adult coloring book, take up needlepoint, or read a new book. 


The easiest, most inexpensive workout you can manage is a simple, easy walk/jog around your neighborhood or nearby trail. Since my return from India, my husband and I covered more ground on foot than ever before… and we were lucky enough to stumble upon several beautiful trails we had never known about. This was all in our own backyard! Here’s the important part about getting out: make sure to break a sweat and get your heart rate going. A few other ideas: use your home gym, ride a bike.


Getting outside and allowing the fresh air to blow through your hair and the sunshine to drench your skin is good for your health and your soul. Never again will we underestimate the gift of a few deep breaths and what the good old outdoors brings to our lives.  


Window shopping or not, finding a “deal” online springs up a happy feeling for me. There are so many great sales happening right now and I cannot think of a better way to help support small local businesses. A few to note: Pink Lagoon, Mimi & Red, Tucci Boutique, MIYO, Percy Vibes, La Loupe Vintage are just a few to consider.


We have been watching A LOT of shows. A few recent favorites: The Banker, Little Fires Everywhere, Homeland, Yellowstone and A Million Little Things. Try a Nancy Meyers marathon for a little escape from reality. It’s Complicated will make you want to renovate your kitchen. 


Luckily for me, my husband, Brian is a physical therapist and knows that sitting watching all the latest and greatest shows on television –which undoubtedly we are all doing, is very hard on your lower back. I suggest you get up from what you’re doing every 2-3 hours to pump fluid into your lower lumbar area. Watch video here.


I have an uncomplicated routine of skincare that not only makes me look better, but it also makes me feel better. I make sure to wash my face in the morning AND evening using Skin Resource.MD’s facial cleanser. I always follow up with this HA serum and lock in the moisture with a silky vitamin C serum in the A.M. followed by sunscreen (even when it’s overcast outside)! In the evening I repeat steps one (clean) and two (HA serum) and use Baobab Cream as my P.M. moisturizer. Also, I make sure to carve out time for a long bath with a simple Epsom salt or fragranced bath bomb.

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