Re-Evaluate Your Wardrobe

Re-Evaluate Your Wardrobe

May 13, 2020

AKA Clean out your closet

This quarantine means we've got nothing but time, so why not dig deep... into your closet?! Here are some helpful steps you can take to finally reorganize your closet:

1. Wine and a playlist - Grab a bottle of wine and crank up the volume! It seems reasonable, right?!

2. Pick out your 'great' outfits - Pick out your three favorite outfits and write down all the reasons why they work. This will reinforce your sense of style, which will help you think creatively when styling your clothes and know which ones just aren't working.

3. Prepare for the purge - Grab three bins and label them Donations/Sell, Tailoring, Trash. These bins create a system in your closet where you can keep your closet updated and fit-to-you on a regular basis.

4. Start sorting - Sorting is a lot of decision making. Know that whatever decision you make will be the right decision, so be bold.

  • Start by throwing away items that have holes, stains or rips. I also recommend throwing away old socks and underwear.

  • Tailor pieces that need a new hem. Those pants that are a touch too long, that jacket that looks classier with a 3/4 length sleeve. Linda’s big tip is to have different lengths of jeans to highlight your shoes. Also, it's time to say goodbye to any outlasting shoulder pads.

  • Donate any item that does not physically fit on your body. That means anything tight (that still fits on your body) can stay. Anything else goes. Also, get rid of items that you have not been drawn to for more than a year.

  • Last but not least, if an item doesn’t make you happy or brings you memories of the old you, just get rid of it. We are constantly growing and if something is taking you back to a time when you were less happy, get rid of it!

5. Create a staging area - Create a space in your closet where you pull together outfits for upcoming events or just cool looks to refer to when the opportunity presents itself. Start with these: Date night look, Impromptu Zoom meeting, Travel outfit

It doesn't all need to happen in one day. Start small: One day you can do jeans and t-shirts and the next day your business attire followed by your upscale daily-ware and shoes, etc.

Be decisive. Act like your own best friend. She would probably say that hanging onto something unnecessary is just that, unnecessary.

Choose with your heart ("does this item bring me joy?") instead of your head ("I feel obligated") is the way to go!

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