Mother of the Bride Speech Tips

Mother of the Bride Speech Tips

July 26, 2019

Wedding Day Speech Tips

Mother-of-the-bride should absolutely unequivocally give a (short) speech because more than likely she was the person who was there in good times and bad. She’s the one who drove to and from slumber parties, hospital visits, and sporting events. Mom was there to keep you fed and keep you out of trouble. She was there to shop for your stroller when you were conceived and shop for your dress when you became engaged. She’s the one who takes the blame or receives the glory depending on the circumstance. I want to hear a mother’s perspective, her love, her appreciation and her undeniable dedication to her daughter and her new husband: yesterday, today and tomorrow.
When? Right before the father of the bride. My favorite time for speeches is just before dinner is to be served. It’s a great transition from mingling to dining and serves as a blessing. Beef and fish fillets are waiting so keep it concise as they are on the feather edge of over-cooked.

Before. During. After

1. Talk about the bride as a child. As her mother, we have many stories about her accomplishments. Pick one and keep it short. Talk about how she has changed your life in a positive way as a result of being born.
2. Talk about how the couple met and when they were introduced to you. Keep the story short and positive.
3. The point with every toast (not roast) is to build them up, commend them and wish them well. Discuss how you see their beautiful lives together and the excitement that is yet to unfold. 

Here’s what to do:

1. Keep it short. I cannot stress this enough. A good speech ends before any thought enters the mind as to when this will be over. 
2. Keep it positive. There are so many terrific things and stories to tell about these human beings. Pick your favorite.
3. Keep it heartfelt. After you’ve spoken a couple of minutes (and I do mean a couple of minutes), raise your glass and say one off-the-cuff sentence about how grateful you are about being a part of this day and how grateful you are about being a part of their lives. Cheers!

What not to do:

1. Toast not roast. Funny stories are funny and comic relief is a good thing. Just don’t make it at the expense of the bride and groom.
2. This is not about you. The point of you standing up to say a few words is to convey your appreciation and love for the couple. 
3. Keep past (love) relationships out of it. Period.

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