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What is your mindset? How are you thinking about yourself and how are you projecting it out to the world? Are you staying positive? Are you attracting what you want? Catherine has created a life of making dreams a reality. Flourishing self-esteem and empowerment is her forte.

Catherine is now represented by the world's leading business speakers bureaus, Big Speak. Based out of Santa Barbara, CA and with a mission of: INSPIRING LIVES, TRANSFORMING ORGANIZATIONS, IMPROVING THE WORLD, we can't think of a better fit!  Big Speak represents such mega-game changers as Magic Johnson, Jane Goodall, Sir Richard Branson, and Brene Brown, to name just a few. Catherine is thrilled to be in such incredible company and looking forward to speaking at your corporate or professional association event.  
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Speaking Topics

Style your closet... style your life!

Join the growing list of attendees that are learning how to showcase their best selves through confident style expression. FASHION EMPOWERMENT. Enjoy a two-hour entertaining and instructional presentation, fashion show and surprise activities. Guests leave newly inspired to embark upon living their life in style, their way.



Whiskey & Wardrobe

Men woke up to their fashion sense and have realized that how they look directly affects how they feel. And they want to feel GOOD. As a personal fashion stylist, Catherine of CB StyleMaker finds styling men to be one of her favorite tasks. She has found that a wardrobe refresh for men can really elevate and improve their lives and relationships. Men come to get a style reboot and leave with a whole fashion empowerment attitude!


Positive Journey Through Divorce 

My book, Love Never Goes Away, is a journey through positive divorce. Divorce doesn’t have to be the end of the world nor the end of your relationship. It’s just different. It doesn’t mean that your family is broken, it simply means that it has changed and it will evolve just as you will and he will. Throughout the process of writing this book, I relied heavily on positive self-talk. I never wavered in the belief that I will love ...even when the other doesn’t love me back. On our wedding day, we promised we would love each other through good times and bad. Not that we will love only under the one condition that they will love us back. This unwavering love was not only for my ex-husband and children's sake, but most importantly, it was to keep loving myself through it all. Those who attend this session will leave with up to ten tips on how to approach divorce positively and will focus on self-accountability and self-care in the process. A book signing will follow the conversation.


You are Your Brand and Your Brand Is You

Whether you believe it or not, the way you present yourself is sending a huge message to the world. It’s also directly correlated to the money you will receive for services rendered. "You are Your Brand and Your Brand Is You” is an exploration in the concept that what you wear affects your surroundings, your productivity and, ultimately your bottom line. Knowing yourself and expressing yourself through fashion is NOT superficial. It’s real and the quicker you adopt this perception the quicker your bank account will see a change.. for the better! Catherine demonstrates this notion with a fun interactive presentation of Fashion101 and simple "getting to know yourself" workshop.